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I reload for my 9mm AR. Lyman and Hornady have 9mm loads specific to rifles. One of the warnings is to not go below listed starting charges due to risk of a bullet lodged in the bore.

I've had many people tell me I need to use a slow burning powder like Blue Dot for 9mm rifle. I've used slow stuff like Blue Dot and fast powders like AA2 and W231. Honestly speaking, they shoot pretty much the same. I had chronograph data, but I lost it. Next time I head to the range, I'll chronograph loads again in rifle and pistols for comparison.

The loads I use were great loads in my pistols and were pulled from published reloading manuals or manufacturer data. One of my favorites in my 9mm AR is AA2 with Berry's 124gr plated roundnose. Was getting consistent hits on an E- Type military silhouette out to 225 meters, but nothing farther. We started at 100 meters and kept moving back until hits were no longer consistent. This wasn't a hot load, I think it is about a tenth of a grain above minimum published, but I did have to seat the bullet deeper for feeding in my weapons. My AR takes Stent mags, so I settled on 1.135" Although the load is safe in my rifle and pistols, I make no claim for anyone elses weapons. You will have to pull published data and work up safely.
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