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No love for U.S. Firearms Co?

They are small, but high quality selection and professional staff. They're my go to guys because I feel they deserve my business. As of late people have been cleaning them out though. Which is good, but there's nothing much in stock last I checked. (Weeks ago) I'd rate them along side with Templar in LG.

Update 11/16/13:

U.S. Firearms Co has massively improved their high quality selection and is now an HSGI dealer.

-1 to Templar in LG. They had me put my name and number down on a waiting list for a Glock and told me they'd give me a call in some odd weeks. It has been close to a year and I have never heard back from them. What, did they just trash the list? U.S. Firearms Co got my money instead.

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