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Originally Posted by ptoguy2002 View Post
THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN - APRIL 27-29 IS THE WEEKEND. IF YOU WANT TO START ON APRIL 20 AND GO THE WHOLE WEEK.....NOBODY IS GOING TO STOP YOU. - If you've been to the shoot before, you know the drill. For new people, this is a family orientated shooting ( & camping) event on BLM land in the Barstow area. I'll be editing posts below with additional information as I plagiarize it out of previous threads.

Calguns/CGSSA Zombie Shoot General Information.

This is a 100% family oriented event created by our members for our members, families and friends. It started out as a single day event, and has evolved into a camp and shoot event with much more than just shooting.

Step 1. Sign In.
Step 2. Grab your spot on the line.
Step 3. Claim your camping spot.

• All local and federal laws will be strictly followed
• All attendees must follow range commands and safety guidelines
• See range officers for more info before shooting at night
• Minors must be accompanied by a guardian at all times
• You must clean up all targets, trash, etc before you leave

Prohibited Items:
• No targets made from plastic, trash, glass or electronic equipment
• No wood with nails, screws or any metal objects in campfires
• No tannerite, explosives or fireworks of any kind
• No drugs of any kind
• No alcohol / intoxication on firing line
• No loaded firearms off firing line

What is OK to bring:

* EZ ups and Canopies, chairs, tables, ice chests, lots of water, drinks and ice, camping equipment, hats, sun screen.etc.

* Food for the Potluck ***we are going to need at least 5 propane BBQs.***

* Paper, biodegradable, organic and steel targets are OK.

* Bikes, Quads and all types of ATVs are welcome (please check you tag color).

* Generators and flood lights.

* LOTS OF Fire wood for the campfires, more food, drinks and popcorn for the zombie movie.

* Trash bags, rakes and containers to clean up the place after your shooting session.

Please let's be prepared to leave the shooting location clean and ready to be enjoyed by us and others in the near future. If you finish your shooting session please remove your targets and any material related to your shooting practice (trash, ammo boxes, spent cases,etc).
If you would like to "donate" your targets to a shooter next to you, the people receiving those targets will be responsible to remove them and clean the spot after the shoot.

Remember, preservation of our land is a must...!!!!!!

What is NOT OK to bring:

* Plastic, glass or any kind of electronic equipment to be used as targets.

* Wood with nails, screws or any kind of metal objects intended for the campfires.

* Tannerite or any kind of explosive targets and fireworks of any kind.

* No Drugs of any kind are allowed nor will be tolerated in our event.

* No steel core ammo will be allowed, as always, we will honor and respect our local and Federal ordinances ( do not confuse steel core with magnetic ammo).

* No Alcohol is permitted during our shooting sessions and BBQs, any kind of Alcoholic beverages must be kept at the camp ground and/or inside your vehicles at all times. This rule will be strictly enforced.

Useful tips and tricks

* If you're bringing a tent/canopy/shade/whatever, bring plenty of weights to hold it down as there are strong winds around noon to 3 PM every day. 2 years ago, several blew down range as well as a table or two blew over with guns going everywhere.

* Organize items list for those going to the store or coming up in the middle of the day or different days. Example would be ice, food or bug spray.

Location and directions:

The event site is located just 15 miles NE from Barstow. Final directions are posted a few days before the event, and taken down shortly after. It is a secret after all.

A 3 mile off road drive is needed in order to reach the campground and firing stations.

Motor Homes, toy haulers, trailers, tents, etc. are Welcome and invited.....Plenty of room for overnight campers.

Volunteers and Contributions Needed

Range Rules

1. Sign-in at registration table and check with RSO before shooting.
2. Eye and ear protection is mandatory.
3. No shooting from a holster or uncontrolled bump firing.
4. Load all guns at firing line.
5. No loaded guns off the line, including in holsters.
6. Engage targets straight on and know what’s behind.
7. Pistols cannot hit anything hard until 40 yards
8. Rifles cannot hit anything hard (including steel) until 100 yards.
9. All guns must be cleared when not in use = Safety On (if applicable), magazine out, slide back, chamber flag in, stored in a rack or pointed down range.
10. Anyone can call Cease Fire.
11. No touching of firearms & stay back from firing line during cease fire.
12. Minors must be accompanied by a guardian at all times.

Safety Rules

1. ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
3. ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

Thursday & Friday

No organized shooting, but RANGE IS HOT. Call cease fires as needed, and raise/lower flag. Sanitary will be on site mid morning on Friday.


0800 Cease fire. Range is cold for setup. No handling of firearms during cease fire. You may place targets, erect EZ-Ups, tables, etc.

0900 Mandatory Safety briefing.

945-1000 Last chance to place targets before going hot.

1000 Range is hot. Scheduled cease fires will occur every hour, on the hour.

1100 Cooking begins. *Bring food donations to pot-luck location.

1300-1400 Lunch.

1400 Firing Squad drill.

1900-1915 Final official cease fire. Place nighttime targets.

1915 Mosin Madness.

1800 Range will be hot all night. Call cease fires as needed.

1900-2000 Pot-Luck dinner.

2000 Zombie Movie extravaganza. Bring your family members, chairs and popcorn.


Range Cleanup Day. Pick up all trash, targets, brass, etc. (even if it’s not yours).

Leave the area cleaner than you found it.

Pack Out all Trash

Q and A:

Is this event free of charge?
Our Family gathering is absolutely free to attend.
It's a great opportunity to gather along and enjoy our land while exercising our constitutional rights!

Why do I have to register?

Great question, the registration is the only mandatory aspect to attend; why?
The attendance numbers are extremely important in order to have a successful event. For example, at our last event a new concept was created;

Will the "line" have adequate intervals to reset targets?


The line will be observed by properly trained, tested and certified NRA RSOs.
Folks, dear folks listen carefully if you would.
Our Volunteered RSOs are traveling from all over the state in order to assist our family event,; Yes, they are people like you and me traveling vast distances putting away personal obligations and devoting their personal time to our cause.
Please listen to their commands and comply as needed.
I do encourage you to take a moment of your life and shake a friendly hand during your shooting experience if you would!.

Are fire pits OK and allowed?
We will observe local jurisdiction ordinances and comply as requested.
Fife prevention measurements are a must to bring!.
Please obtain a fire permit for your camp ground!

How can I help?

Your participation is very important to us, please donate to the cause as you feel comfortable!.

BLM shoot, so I can do whatever I want!
Think about you statement twice if you would!.
Our staff includes active, reserve & retired LEO, Armed Forces and fully trained personnel .
Proper range rules and etiquette have been posted for years to this date. Think twice before you try to be cute and pull a stunt because before you know it a pat in your back will be produced.
Please don't be that one guy to be escorted out during our family reunion.
Be no mistaken, Zero tolerance will be absolutely enforced.

Can I reserve a spot at the line?
The line spots will be acquired as a first come first served as usual.

How can I donate?
It's pretty simple; open your heart!
Sky is the limit!
Be no mistaken folks, you are the solemnly owners of this great family event, your contributions are highly appreciated!.

By personal and universal principle I can not and I will never accept monetary contributions directly to my name.

Your contributions shall be directed to:

Calguns Shooting Sport mail).

Or via secure click to:


Directly at the donation booths during the family event.

This event is a only possible due to your generous donations and participation.


I'm the Lonewolf and I endorse this message.
Would you like to participate in the Right to Keep and Bear Arms movement in California?
Please visit the Calguns Community Chapter forum for your area and sign the roll call
California needs YOU.

Prepare for the unknown by studying how others in the past have coped with the unforeseeable and the unpredictable. George S. Patton
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