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Default Maybe not this weekend.

Hey all,
A few things are making me want to push this off for a little while. First, I had a close family member pass away and I am dealing with that. Second, I went up to the Quarry Friday to clear my mind when I found out about this family member. There was a good ammount of snow in some spots. I can see the warm days and freezing nights causing major problems for anyone not 100% prepared for ice. I made it with my Rav4 but there wasnt much ice yet, just really really hard snow. I slid around a little bit and can imagine it getting much worse in a week.

Here are some pics of Friday.

Here is the enterance to Finning Mill Road.

Some light snow.

Don't make a wrong turn.

Water crossing...almost there.

Same water on the way out.

And mud holes.
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