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Hi William. Project 2000 ( is perfect for zeroing your AR. 25, 50 and 100yd indoor ranges. It's not far from you.

If you want/need to shoot further, then I'd recommend South Bay Rod and Gun Club (, which has 50, 100, 200, and 300 yard outdoor rifle ranges. It's a bit further out in Dulzura, but not a bad drive.

As to ammo, the centerfire rifle forum and/or the ammo and reloading forum would be better spots to ask your question. Search is your friend too - there are years worth of good data buried in these forums - be liberal with your use of search!

What is your main intent for the AR - plinking, target shooting, home defense, hunting? Also, what is the twist rate on your barrel - that will limit bullet weight/size. Also, the chambering of your barrel will dictate if you'll use 5.56mm or .223 caliber (or if you can use both).

Your standard, mk1 mod0 5.56 type rounds - the 55gr FMJ and 62gr FMJ w/steel penetrator will work in just about anything, and will be the least expensive options. For home defense and target shooting, you might want match grade open tip bullets at a heavier weight (weight will depend on the twist rate of the barrel). For hunting, you might want open tip bullets or varmint type bullets depending on what you are hunting. I'd recommend zeroing based on the appropriate ammo for your primary intent.

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