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Not especially, no.

But I had more in mind the idea that when the seller and buyer meet so the buyer can inspect the pistol, the buyer could legally make an offer to buy the standard magazines for a named price.

The dialoge might go something like....
B: Man, this Hi-Power is pristine. And the price is right.
S: You remembered to bring cash for the PPT fee, right?
B: Yup. And I'll buy any original mags you have for $20 each.
S: Nope.
B: Okay, $28 each. That's what they cost in other states.
S: No, sorry.
B: Well, $30 is my last offer.
S: Well, okay we'll do that deal after the paperwork.

I would contend that any enforcement action by LE after overhearing this conversation would be defensible because no crime has been committed under 12020. Even if the magazines are exchanged, I'd argue the activity did not include all the necessary elements of a violation of 12020.

But, I'm not a lawyer for a good reason.

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