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Originally Posted by NapalmCheese View Post
Brought one back from pig hunting last weekend. I found it while it was looking hungrily at my cat.
@pie eater and napalmcheese

I posted about this and the threat a while ago, and I got in an argument with some moron who insisted that deer ticks are just ticks that are on deer when science tells us that there are specific species of ticks that carry lyme's disease as well as other virus types that can infect and cause disease in humans.

Regarding Africa including S. Africa that place in a cornucopia for disease the only place I imagine that could be worse would be India. Malaria, yellow fever, sleeping sickness....the list goes on

I looked at the roster for the East Africa Trading company during the 18th century in my school days and the average Englishman agent in Africa lasted about 3-6 months before they were buried and entered into the company roster or obituary. I knew the son of a president of Air France and he told me their employees who were based in Africa were still getting tropical diseases that the best doctors in France/Europe at that time could not diagnose or cure.

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