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Originally Posted by Ryan_D View Post
Any Mods have input or feedback about what is going on with Merced County, if anything?
I'm not a Mod but if you want a Merced County-issued CCW, go ahead and apply. It only costs $10 bucks to get the process rolling. Fill out an application and craft a coherent self-defense based good cause statement and you might be surprised at the outcome. Not trying to goad anyone here into wasting $10 but despite what you may have heard, the SO does in fact issue CCW to ordinary citizens.

After initial review of your application and good cause to support issuance, they will let you know by letter either "approved" or "denied." And make no mistake about it, they don't call it an "interview" but when you arrive for your first appointment to turn in your application, you are being "interviewed." My experience with the system leads me to believe that Sheriff Pazin issues based on his staff's recommendation as well as the content of your application and DOJ past criminal history report.

The SO won't make you take the training class and pay all the DOJ and local processing fees unless they are going to issue a license based on their initial review of your application. The initial review process is what costs $10 so cost alone shouldn't be a deterring factor on whether or not to apply. Of course, if you have issues in your background, then yes, you might pay DOJ fees and be denied later in the process based on past disqualifying criminal history.

Here are the procedures on obtaining a Concealed Weapons Permit.
Here is the Application.
Here is the Fee Schedule.
Here is the Sheriff's Office CCW Policy.
The CCW Division's phone number is (209) 385-7559. Josette Torres is the CCW Coordinator. Call Ms. Torres to set up your initial interview and to submit your application packet and pay the initial $10 processing fee.
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