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New to Calguns but been shooting here for awhile. Nice to see this kind of effort!!!!!! The place really does need some cleaning. We do our part and pickup after ourselves but there are others who treat this place like a dump. Old TVS, Microwaves and all kinds of broken appliances left there. there are a couple of people who come out and pickup empty casing they sell them back to reload. but the shotgun shells along with steel casing just get left there to pile up.
As soon as you get there before making a left on to the dirt road is the first set of trash. its pretty much where alot of shooting is done since you dont need a truck.
After that you need a truck to make it up the first hill. there is about 4-5 different spots to shoot and loads of trash on this spot.
if you continue down the path, it will take you to a couple of small dips and hills and then around the side. there are some trash here but not as much compared to the ones upfront. not too many people make it up this far.

my Buddy and i will be there on the 25th to help out. Bringing my truck , trash bags rakes...shovels..etc.

Im planing on shooting tomorrow as well so i might start cleaning up a bit.

See you all there!