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Clean -Up Roster /// SATURDAY AUGUST 25

Please just add your name to the list and Bump it up

1. Chicknlps2___________TRUCK
2. Sudonoob
3. Whoosdat
4. Boltmopar
5. Rightwinger____________TRUCK
6. Speeedracerr
7. GunFighter420__________TRUCK
8. Jmac92123
9. GordonLWilliams
10. DanOOO _____________TRUCK
11. BigMac1520 __________TRUCK
12. Nasty Nate___________TRUCK
13. esheato______________TRUCK
14. Echo Four Tango
15. Rob42o (unless I get a last minute Fireworks Show/Seminar)
16. adjuster760___________TRUCK
17.Drabnor and son

I went through the posts and PM's that have been sent and updated the list with people that are bringing trucks. Please correct it if needed

We need to have a close truck count if they are going to give us the free dumping

Rightwinger and his brother hauled a load today and the dump did not care about trash bags being covered with a tarp so if any of you have a tarp or 2 just for a load of loose things that would be great. He also reminded me about orange vests. They charge 75 cents for one if you do not have one or a bright shirt in some type of safety color.

We also need trash bags, Please bring some if you can.

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