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Thoughts on the pistol:

It's going to be difficult to find the G19 in stock let alone locally and timely.
I've got requests in to EBRWorks, Turners and grabagun.
We already know IVE, Shooters and Blueline are OOS.
Gunbroker? Maybe, though it presents it's own difficulties. Sellers willing to ship, roster approved etc.
If we find gen4 online, maybe SSE it?
Cash is ready to go at any point now, that's not an issue. Also we've raised a nice amount so don't necessarily need to find a discount, just a fair market price.
Blueline has offered to help w/ the transaction. I have a feeling IVE would help w/ an SSE if need be (haven't spoken w/ them about this though).

Nothings set in stone, kevrok has showed willingness to look at other options.

Kevrok, if you don't mind would you walk us through the process of your decision for the G19 and any other thoughts on other make/models?

Calgunners, please chime in with any thoughts on all this, I need help with this, thanks.
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