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Originally Posted by ZirconJohn View Post
Be a hero and relocate - your grandkids may learn very important lessons from grandad in both rattlesnake safety and men taking care of wildlife ... ALL forms of wildlife.

Also, if I may say: teach your young how to ID various snakes in your neck of the woods ... it will help to make them THINK when they out playing in the grass and brush where snakes live.

Keep them safe through knowledge and self discovery. It's like firearm safety - you CANNOT be there 100% of the time, so you teach them what to do when in the vicinity of a gun and no adults around. Okay, now what to do when discovering a snake and no adults around to hold their hand, how to ID it, what to look for - how to avoid where, and why, snakes prefer certain types of location for hunting and sunning ... avoid accidental bites.

And I don't want to sound like a thread crapper - if you need to dispatch a rattlesnake, I understand - I really do. But ... just think about teaching the young, that's all.

Thank you for reading ... and the rattlesnakes thank you for respecting and relocating.
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