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Originally Posted by Gundiver View Post
I'm a bit shocked by all the hippies saying relocate and teach the youth.
Kill rattlesnakes and teach the kids or grownups how too cook and eat them they're freaking delicious.
I'm not a hippy son And NOT that there's anything wrong with hippies ... I know a few hippies and they okay people. We have a hippy here on CGN ... he's a great guy.

And you are right ... rattlesnakes are good eating if you like to eat rattlesnake. Rattlesnakes are eaten by many-many wildlife; birds of prey, animals, other reptiles ... why ... even other snakes eat rattlesnake. They are very-very good source of protein if/when you out and about in the woods ... need a meal, maybe you lost and hungry. Ya sure
"A rattlesnake that doesn't bite teaches you nothing" -- Jessamyn West
"Only God has the touch to create these magnificent rattlesnakes and their signature greatness in nature" -- unknown
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