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Originally Posted by Barbarosa View Post
Relocating is fine if you occasionally come across one, but when you find a dozen or two each year it gets kind of tedious. I actually live where there are snakes - lots of them.

Ever walk out on your patio at night and step over a rattler? How about reaching for the garden hose only to find a rattler coiled inside it? Coming home to find your dog's nose as big as a football? Wondering why the tomato plant you are pruning is buzzing at you? Taking the lid off the irrigation valve box and finding a rattler inside? Lifting a bale of hay and finding a rattler underneath?

That is so far this year. You guys relocate them all you want; not me.
Ya - we have'em, rattlesnakes in our yard ... in the St. John's Wort ground cover out front there are at least 2 that we've spotted in the past week, and we keeping eyes out for them ... they will be caught and relocated. I'd like to catch them before they EAT my yard-pet Western Fence Lizards of whom we've named: Rocky, A.J. , Floozy and Sancho I know sounds funny but I'm serious All the boys been bangin' Floozy a lot this spring ... and is why we named her ... well

Plus ... I have one ... a rattlesnake in the living room, in a safety bucket - picked him up at Yokao Ranch, nest to Mendocino College today - they called me up all freaking out "ahhh rattlesnake ... please come help ...!" This one will be relocated tomorrow.

Anyway ... good job guys - ya gotta do what ya gotta do to keep the kids, wife, the pets and livestock safe ... just relocate if/when you can ... all I'm saying. Good luck men, stay safe.

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"A rattlesnake that doesn't bite teaches you nothing" -- Jessamyn West
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