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Originally Posted by Jefferson Prepared View Post
Where would you recommend for a renewal where you gain skills?

My initial "16" hour course was little more than a rubber stamp and I'd like more substance this time...
Consider the qualification courses simply qualifications. Renewal courses are relatively short and the instructor's goal is to get you in and out with a certificate, but won't be able to focus on honing your practical skills. The general formula for initial and renewal cert courses are: review current laws and recent laws, review potential outcomes and liabilities, qualify. Not the place to add or refine skills.

What you should do is take the advanced CCW style courses from the various reputable instructors. Any instructor that allows you to run drawing from concealment, shooting while moving, shooting from unusual positions, etc...

Sac Valley has a few of those. Sac Gun Club has a few more advanced course, but I am unsure of the specific courses of fire. Best Handgun Training out in Lincoln has a few as well and I know they use a private range, however I am unsure of the specific courses of fire there too.

My vote is on Sac Valley, but you'll have to review each of the courses.
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