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I dont recall the SO that she interviewed with, but the impression she was left with was that as long as she was totally honest she was going to be ok. As she was leaving, he asked if there was anything she wanted to add. She then remembered she had forgot to mention that she had a DUI from 15 years ago, and at that point he checked off the last thing on his report and mentioned that she would not have received her permit had she left that off. Her partner had his interview the same day, and had the same experience. Both were granted permits. I dont know if these are typical of what looks like a new system or not. I was well aware of the issues as of late about driving records, as well as the issues people had in the past with decades old issues. I really had little faith she was going to be approved despite her being a stand-up member of the community, but am hopeful things are going in the right direction due to her experience.
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