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Originally Posted by pitchbaby View Post
Sadly, I am in a position where with my work lately and with my wife having to work now too... I am left with having to take my 4 small children with me in all of my sales meetings and deliveries all over Sac and Placer. However, Placer's SO see's me AND OTHER'S in dangerous work settings as "less fit" to carry, simply over traffic infractions (Even those that were dismissed or dropped by the citing officer as un-defendable). In my case also, I successfully talked down a bad situation where the guy threatening a fight actually would have been shot (By a CCW Instructor, no less) had he taken a couple steps too close to me... and that situation has found a way to be counted against me as well.

It's not even me I'm so worried about... but I pray to God every night that my kids are safe while I have to drive around all over kingdom come and back just to carve out a living lately. I can control most of what happens when we are on the road, but I worry over what can happen if we stop at the wrong delivery place at the wrong time and no way for me to protect them from an ill intended dirt bag.

My point as a reply to your post... I simply do not believe that what is happening in the news is going to make a lick of difference to the Placer SO. I mean no disrespect here, but it would seem they live in their own world of what they think is acceptable and what is not. I was actually told by a high ranking member of their dept that even though I would not be issued a permit, that I would be more than welcome to exercise my right to open carry. So, I take from that, since you don't have a clear good cause, they will MORE THAN HAPPILY welcome you to do the same.
I understand and agree with you. It's a stretch on the good cause. Even though there are real and true threats out there (I feel more than ever before) the fact is, self defense for good cause is sadly not enough. That just doesn't even make sense. But this is where we live. You are guilty until proven innocent and sadly, that's sometimes not even enough.

Pitchbaby, I know I'm preaching to the choir with you on this one. I wish you safe travels everyday. The nature of my own work takes me to some of the most depressed neighborhoods/areas around the "beautiful" sacramento and surrounding areas. I do it by myself. I simply couldn't imagine doing it with my most dearly loved ones with me. Like they say in the hood..."it ain't no joke out there no more"

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