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Originally Posted by AdamM View Post
Just did this in December of '09 -

Converted the single garage of our three car garage into a room. Insulated, phone, cable, heater, carpeted, everything. These pictures are from when it was first finished. Now we have a table and chairs and an area dedicated to cleaning firearms as well as a few other things we realized we wanted after we started using it

Here are the pictures:

Did you make those mounts for your RCBS press and powder measure? I'm looking for something like that. Very nice set up btw.
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Originally Posted by roostersgt View Post
You need to be a cop with lots of experience to keep children safe on a school campus. CCW holders, gardeners and yes, trainmen, do not posses the experience, training or expertise in responding to an event such as Sandy. That you can't grasp that is lost on me. Perhaps that's why you're better suited in your present employment. You don't understand what it means to provide for the publics safety. You just don't know.
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