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Originally Posted by JT1989 View Post
wood glue, hammer, measuring tape. The key reloading tools all at hand lol
Don't forget the circular saw. Very important for trimming cases...

Yea, my bench is a dual purpose workbench/reloading bench. My rental house is about 800sf and the half garage is another 150sf, so I don't have much room for hobbies. I mounted the press to a 12"x12" sheet of 1/4" hardened steel with 1/4" bolts, allowing for easy removal of the whole thing if I need the work surface for other stuff. Dies, powders, calipers and primers are on the top shelf. Brass, tumbler and separator are on the bottom shelf.

I just recently started reloading, for now only 9mm and .223, so my supply of components is still pretty low. I am liking H322 more than Varget for .223, and am working on a 9mm load with Unique. I only have about $100 a month to spend on my hobbies, so my progress is slow.
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