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Originally Posted by Trigger Guard View Post
"I didn't think man caves were supposed to have pink chairs. You might want to get a camo cover for that one."

Hey now, pink was pretty manly in the 70's and early 80's. This place was built nearly 30 years ago and I am required to match the decor!
that fortress of solitude is awesome! I would however add a sink and a small fridge, but that's just me.
Screw the color comments and justifications! a enough to have his own cave defines the colors in his environment, not the other way around.
you'd done fine in my book.
Screw the environment! The sooner we trash this place the sooner we will have the political will to explore space and conquer the known universe, spreading like locust we will plunder, crush new enemies, take their women and if we are lucky, we shall meet our fate on the battlefield.
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