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Originally Posted by Paladin View Post
Originally Posted by Robotron2k84 View Post
Marin won't change until Doyle is gone. He's entrenched.
Sorry about the big picture:

Doyle is ~71 yo.: born in 1947.

Will Doyle really run for sheriff again in 2022 when he's 75??? Best for Marin Co gunnies to start to start organizing now to have an impact on who gets elected as their next sheriff in 2022 June.

Sheriffs' elections are in non-presidential election years, so turn out is low. Sheriffs' elections are usually decided in the June primary, which has an even lower turnout, even further increasing the impact of a small but determined political minority (i.e., gunnies in Marin Co.).

I'm posting this here since this is where it came up, but I'll cross post this post to the Marin Co Concealed Carry Info thread for further discussion. (IOW, reply there not here re. Doyle & Marin Co)
Bringing this discussion over here to the Marin Co thread where it belongs.
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