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Please, please, please let us know the response...

Otherwise I'm emailing next week if/when the case is sent back to San Diego/Finalized.

Thanks in advance.

Originally Posted by kingof9x View Post
I just wrote an email to the person in the sherif department that handles CCW applications and asked if they have changed their policy as of yet. I did a little research and some other counties have apparently changed their policy.

I am hesitant to actually apple now because in Marin's written policy it says that cause for denying an application is a previously denied ccw application. So I don't want to apply until I know the policy has changed considering that they might use that prevision to deny future applicants that they have already denied. UGH. can we just elect a new sheriff that actually supports 2a?

@aodorisio If you find a training option that isn't to far away I would gladly take the class with you. I have a couple friends that would also like to be ahead of the curve as well.
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