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Varget is fine.It has been around for a long time as the go to for alot of people.
I actually prefer Reloader or Ramshot.
I bought some Reloader 15 at Ammo Bros 2 weeks ago for $26 lb.
Ramshot Tac I have been getting in the $19-$20 range and even more reasonable if you get the 8 pounders.Of course you have to pay ship/hax mat on top.About $40 on my last order.
The Ram Tac works great in 223 as well.
Order the 48 pounds and spread the wealth with some friends.These days I just buy it and it is spoken for by the time I recieve it.Some mail order places are shipping in 10-12 weeks,but it comes.
All the BS with primers,I ordered 15,000 for $595 shipped/yesterday to be here on the 18th.With shipping it comes to $39.66 per 1,000
Some of these auction prices are funny.I watched a Lee progressive go on ebay for $375 the other day.At Midway or Natchez they are $220 all day long.

And no I do not have any extra already.My network of accomplices have spoken for the stuff already.

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