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I remember going to the old Pomona shows (you old timers will know which I'm talking about).

Met a "gent" who was a former "SEAL". The gent must of have been 25 or so, slightly "rotund" and wearing a dirty wife beater with camo pants and sneakers.

He then proceeded to regale me with his exploits in the SEALs in an attempt to sell me the gun he was trying to get rid of. Told me he used it throughout his entire time with the SEALs and it was his "backup" for room clearing.

I had the hardest time suppressing my laughter out of respect for our "service veterans". I declined to buy the gun and left.

Incidently the gun he was trying to sell was a CHROMED OUT Cobray M-11. Apparently they never jam, are super accurate and do very well in water and sand enviroments. LOL
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