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Originally Posted by ParkwayDrive View Post
Knowing that I was an 11b with a KIA bracelet on this dude had the nerve to tell me he was in Kuwait and got into a 12 hour firefight there. He said he ran out of ammo so he grabbed a "mortar gun" and started shooting rounds.

I Bertstared him and walked away. I've seen him a few times since and he looks away when we make eye contact. I've been to Kuwait. You don't carry weapons there. There is little to no security. I don't doubt he was in the NG but to flat out lie about service is disgusting.
Reminds me of a friend of mine. His wife tells him she was in some big firefight as Air Force Security at Kuwait.

I've heard plenty of Air Force folks who are Security Forces(air field gate guards basically) say when asked what mos they were, "Air Force SF." I find that horribly deceiving to say to an inquisitive person because the average person associates SF as Special Forces, and not Security Forces. To me, it's duping them over to believe they're something they are not.
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