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An army vet friend of mine and I got suckered into going to one of those MLM bull**** (Primerica, PHP, etc, etc) and we were meeting some people. The "employees" there were introducing themselves and asking us about our background. So the conversation went like this.

employee: so what's your background
my friend: my friend and I are prior military vets.
employee: oh yea me too, what branch?
my friend: I was in the army and he was in the Marines
employee: I was in the army too!
me: what branch?
employee: I was in the Army coast guard

As soon as we heard that, my friend and I looked at each other.

my friend: what was your MOS?
employee: I was in the supply and once in a while I was in the law office
me: WHat was your rank?
employee: I was a little colonel.
me: *trying to ascertain his accent* what rank was that again?
employee: little colonel
me: you mean lieutenant colonel?
employee: no, little colonel.
my friend: So, what exactly is your MOS?
employee: I was in logistics but sometimes in the law office
my friend: I thought you said you were in supply?
me: so are you a jag officer then?
employee: yes, supply and sometimes in the law office.
my friend: No offense, but if you're gonna lie about a service just to impress someone into signing up into your fake *** company, I suggest you at least do your research about the military.

My friend and I began to walk out of the building and another employee (apparently someone in charge) came after us and asked why we were leaving.

supervisor: Hey guys, where are you going? Meeting is about to start.
my friend: Yea... no.. we don't like being lied to about military service.
supervisor: What do you mean? who lied to you guys?
me: One of your employees was telling us about his military service and he obviously wasn't. My friend and I can't work for a company who 1) has to pay money to get into and 2) employees who lies to potential new employees about service to our nation in order to impress them. No thanks

we walked off. Never again will I ever attend a "business opportunity" again, especially MLMs.
For a combat soldier, the difference between success and failure is your ability to adapt to your enemy. The people that we deal with, they don't care about the rules. All they care about is a result. My job is to stop them from completing their objective, at all costs.
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