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I had a similar problem with my groupings. For me the cure was a stronger grip-but not the "squeeze-with-the-fingers" element of grip, but a stronger push/pull-i.e. push a little harder on the back strap with the strong hand and pull a little harder with the fingers of the support hand.

With your groups being low and not too far off center, you may be anticipating recoil and flinching a little too.

I have a training aid that I used to practice at home with-and it helped me a lot. Consists of a laser bore sight and a target with a 1/4" photocell in the emits a continuous tone as long as the laser strikes it. The drill is to put the laser on the photo cell and keep it there while pulling the trigger. If the tone is continuous, then you know your trigger work is good. If you hear the tone is interrupted during the pull-your trigger pull needs work.

It helped me smooth out the trigger pull, and got rid of the flinch as well.

I don't use it anymore and was considering selling it. PM me interested but try tightening your grip a bit with the push/pull.
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