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Let's improve this a bit....
-Newbies must answer a number of questions before being allowed to post.
--Upon answering the questions, they are allowed access to a test area or "sandbox" in which they can post.
--Newbies must have 25 posts over ten days to enter the main forums.

-Senior members will have ten days in which to critique or otherwise evaluate the postings.
--These evaluators will not be selected by number of posts, but by taking a test to determine their general knowledge of life. (e.g.: "What color is the red light on a police car?").
--Based on Newbie postings, evaluators may:
---grant access to the forums (only after 10 days)
---require additional postings before granting access
---delay access for no stated reason
---deny access for no stated reason

This may be difficult to implement, but DOJ has a "working" model.

Newbies will be newbies. Part of online society is to allow enough freedom to grow. Part of being in the society is providing guidance to newbies and helping them grow.

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