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It's time to apply in SJ County!

Please help us spread the word - we need everyone to apply using one of the similarly situated good cause statements found here.

  1. Download, complete and print the DOJ Standard Application here:
    a. Structure your good cause statement as either a) “I wish to acquire a firearm carry permit for the purpose of self-defense”, or b) if you have a good cause which approximates one from those we posted here, you can state the same good cause (as long as it’s truthful – it’s a crime to lie on the application).
    b. DO NOT SIGN the application; you will sign when you turn it in and SJSO will witness/countersign.
  2. Make two checks or money orders out to “San Joaquin Sheriff’s Office” in the amount of $19.00 and $120.00, respectively. (make sure to put the check numbers in the cover letter under “enclosures” and in the transmittal letter).
  3. Complete the missing information in the cover letter (attached), print, and sign.
  4. Complete the letter of transmittal (attached) and print 2 copies (one for you, one for them), making sure to date the top for the date of your appointment.
  5. Scan all documents.
  6. Contact Sgt. John Palmer and schedule a time to drop off your application and be fingerprinted.
  7. Drop off your cover letter, application, and check. Have Sgt. Palmer or another SJSO representative sign, print name, title and date your letter of transmittal and TAKE THIS COPY HOME.
    a. Point of information: their 90-day deadline clock starts on this date.
  8. Scan your signed letter of transmittal.
  9. Email me your scans.
  10. Keep me posted!

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Be sure to sign up at!
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