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Originally Posted by zeleny
My information on the semi-finished M1911 receivers may be out of date. A few years back, there was a running report on building a handgun in this fashion, on this forum. The writeup on semi-finished Thompson receivers illustrates the general legal principles applicable to all firearms:
SVI sells finished M1911A1 frames and slides. Their 5" Infinity Traditional Target Pistol in .45 ACP is certified for sale in California through 7/23/2007.

Trust me when I tell you that CA does not allow bare frames to be sold new in the state. The only way to legally get a frame is to find someone living here who has one and is willing to sell it. The SVI, STI, Caspian, Les Bear, Ed Brown, Para-Ordance, Wilson, RRA, Thompson, Entreprise Arms, and other's bare frames are forbotten in CA.

Your only option for a custom gun is but a mil-spec 1911 and go from there.

On a lighter note here's some SV's

and an STI I used to own

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