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Originally Posted by deadsled65 View Post
How? How? I want one in red.

They do make some in red but I think they're shorter. Have you check out Tactical Solutions web site?

You had to ask......These barrels are no longer made by T.S. and I can't believe I even found this one. I was a a gun store n Elk Gove, I started asking for this and that and threw out do you have a fluted 7'" T.S. barrel for a Buckmark.

The fellow behind the counter says I think we do have me (I say to myself, BS). He brings in to me! it's in a old package with about an inch of dust on it, it has an old as orange price tag listed at $199 (they retail for $299 last time I checked), I asked if he would take a few bucks off seeing how long it's been sitting there and he gives me another 10% off. The replacement barrels now call Pac-Lite are retailing for $370 and they are only about fluted about 1/2 way down the barrel.

I was so happy I wanted to Robo Cop right out of the front door!


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