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Originally Posted by jason8055 View Post
I'm looking for a RDS for my saiga 762. I was first looking for primary arms red dot since I've heard so many good things, and since this rifle is my secondary next to my AR15 (will be a 1-6 scope) I won't need anything crazy. And I'm more comfortable shooting from a dot than eotec circle that seems to always be in my way of targets. I'd like to shoot as far as 300 yards with good grouping with this baby.

But since its so hard to find PA RDS that its always out of stock, I was looking at the vortex sparc, however... for an extra $220 I could get an aimpoint pro, thought it might be a better investment.

Anybody think that the Saiga is worthy of a aimpoint pro? Or wait for a PA RDS?

Obviously if I had money growing on tree's I'd buy aimpoint right away. Let me know what you're running on your Saiga!
I run PA dots lol. Siagas are some if not the best AKs in my humble opinion.

If you can wait this how you do it right.
Ultimak with fixed base PA dot cowitnessing lower 1/3.

For your AR our patent pending ACSS 6x will allow you to range and engage targets from 100-800 yards. (In stock)

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