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Originally Posted by kcbrown View Post
No, it will be a Supreme Court opinion upholding the right to carry in public in a lawsuit directly against them. Nothing less will be heeded by these sheriffs. They will continue as they have even in the face of a direct Supreme Court ruling as long as the ruling isn't directly against them. See Chicago.
I think that's a subset - but the subset would include Los Angeles, San Francisco and probably Santa Clara, so it would cover around 1/3 of the population of the state.

I do not dismiss the power of fighting reality with Other People's Money.

I do think some of the returns from winning one or more of the cases ought to be spent on battlespace preparation in those large counties, such as 'Your city/county is cutting cops and garbage collectors and libraries, but they want to spend millions in court to lose, just like [losing county]. Demand that your supervisors not waste money!'
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