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Originally Posted by joe_gman View Post
The degradation of the city of Antioch was due to the city's own planning. I am forever thankful for leaving that cesspit after unwilling moving there in the late 2000s. Antioch could be a great small city, with its access on the Delta, rich history, and availability of recreational acreage. Unfortunately its denial of commercial growth if favor of low income housing in the 1990s, its rapid over development of residential properties in despite of low demand, and its horrible mistake of allowing out of district students to attend its new high school because its desire for state student funds, left it primed for a complete societal collapse. The glut of housing attracted investors looking to turn quick profits, only to end up renting to low income and section 8 inner city derelicts fleeing Oakland and Richmond in favor of a larger house than they could afford in the large cities. The BARTing in of problem students creating a massive crime wave beyond what the local PD could handle. I remember when traffic enforcement was halted in order to allow more officers to deal with rampant crime and violence. Our vehicles were broken into multiple times. Packages were regularly stolen from our porch. I've had to chase off miscreants on multiple occasions from our back yard. It got to the point where I had to answer my door with with my handgun behind my back because of forceful entries in my neighborhood.

I feel sorry for you ScottsBad. My best advise would be to leave Antioch if you can. It is no place to raise a family. As for CCWs, good luck. You are still in the anti-gun Bay Area. I don't blame liberals for the collapse of Antioch. I blame idiots in both local and county politics. With San Ramon, Alamo, and Walnut Creek pushing all the section 8 vouchers into Antioch, and the Antioch council accepting bribes from crooks like Seeno, there is no hope for Antioch to ever recover.
I grew up in Antioch and graduated high school there too. You pretty much nailed it on the head joe_gman. I have since moved out, but my parents and inlaws still live there. It's pretty sad really, Antioch could be a nice place
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