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I see that most of the recent responders appear to be new members.

A short disquisition on CCW/LTC in California:

By law, Sheriffs and city Police Chiefs (in cities that issue) MAY issue a License To Carry (LTC); there are no statewide objective requirements for 'good cause', and an issuing agency may reject any applicant for any reason or no reason.

At Calguns, of course, we think this is a Bad Thing.

Principally it is Sheriffs who issue in California. Sheriffs are elected, and legally respond to nobody but their electors and to court orders. The Calguns Foundation is busy suing several Sheriffs in Federal Court; there has been one limited success, where Sacramento County and Yolo County were sued, and Sacramento agreed to change its policy - so it was dropped from the suit. Yolo is still being sued.

Please look through the wiki litigation page -

Short of a Federal Court applying a cluebat upside the head, some sheriffs and police chiefs will continue their restrictive issuance policy. The clue will be a Supreme Court opinion specifying that 'bear' is a Constitutional right.

Please do continue to apply, write your city chief or county sheriff, and talk to your county supervisors and city council members; it's important that they know there is a demand for the licenses, so they cannot say they have never heard of any requests.

See also
[Carol Ann voice]The Legislature is baaa-ack .... [/Carol Ann voice]

There is no value at all complaining or analyzing or reading tea leaves to decide what these bills really mean or actually do; any bill with a chance to pass will be bad for gun owners.

The details only count after the Governor signs the bills.

Not a lawyer, just Some Guy On The Interwebs.

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