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Originally Posted by topjimmy View Post
Hello All,
I saw the same news segment and as an avid gun owner and unfortunately a resident of Antioch, I am VERY interested if there is a group being put together to push for CCW.
I have never tried as I figured it was a completely useless hope in California, but with the response times to 911 calls (one instance where we called when someone was shot in front of our home) be AWFUL, one would hope that they would allow respectful, responsible, hard working folks to protect themselves from these wanna be thugs who are terrorizing the city. Home invasion thefts are at an all time high here, and I will tell ya, if they pick this house, I got something waiting for them!!!
Please, anyone with information on CCW groups, contact me
I guess nobody is going to say this, but Welcome to CalGuns!

I would first try to contact the fellow who tried to start the petition in Antioch, Jonathan Hernandez.

But you could go further. You could try to organize a group on CalGuns.

Actually assembling a group is not easy, but you could make a posting in the CCW or second amendment forum areas. Ask people to send you an email if they are interested. Make sure you set up a new email address and don't use the one you use every day.

This is very important, IGNORE THE NAYSAYERS!

There are quite a few liberals that troll CalGuns forums. They try to deflect organizing activities, or obfuscate issues in order to try to make these efforts look radical or stupid. Believe me they exist, they pretend to be gun people, or they own a gun but are liberal. For some of these trolls it is part of a disinformation campaign, for others, it is a game.

Despite this, you should work this angle and follow your gut.


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