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I appreciate that, I don't live in Antioch, but my EX does, my son went to High School there in the late 90's, fooled by the lure of a brand new High School there. I had the means at the time to send him to DeLa Salle.

Within months he got the **** beat out of him by people he thought were his friends and he was no wimp.

Over the years I heard the stories of ever increasing crime and schools that were out of control. Over time the crime went from a lot of small thefts, to home invasion, and now gang related murder is moving in.

Then the housing boom crashed resulting in many foreclosures and cheap rentals as you described.

It may become the suburb version of Oakland.

I live in the San Ramon Valley, but I am fearful for all those families stuck in Antioch who are now in danger and have no way of protecting themselves outside of their homes.
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