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Default Antioch Crime Wave = Petition For CCW

Shouldn't our 2A rights extend to protecting ourselves outside our homes when the police are unable to?

Here is a report I saw on KTVU 2 at approx. 8:30am about the rise in crime in Antioch. Rise in violent crime up 44% arrests down 17%.

In case you are unable to see the video, here is a version from Yahoo news.

Toward end of report they interview Jonathan Hernandez who just put up a petition to allow CCW in Antioch because of the violent crime which he was a victim of.

When I first found the petition it was open and there were only a handful of people who signed it.

An hour later it was closed. Why? Because it might embarrass the City? Garner too much pro-gun enthusiasm?

Both I guess. Obviously it had to be tamped down least the truth get out that citizens are afraid of violent crime and would like the option to protect themselves.

Of course, the petition site is just a liberal sham so it was no surprise.

Maybe we should put Jonathan Hernandez's petition up on CalGuns...I'm just sick of the liberals.

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