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Originally Posted by ghostwong View Post
Sorry to hear about you legal troubles also. Can you take some sort of legal action against these people person for "going after you?" I'm sure there is a long paper trail on these people filing complaints. If the city and the official department declare you "clean and good to go" all the time what is the issuse? It sounds like this suit is another way to harass you. Countersue for the full amount and all the lawyer fees, time and emotional distress these people cause you . . and we will see what happens.

Good luck
Gratias Amigo. I wish I could say more, but this is a public forum. Some of the things I shouldn't say are because of common sense and other things I shouldn't say are because of good taste. Will keep the forum posted as much as I can for as long as Kestryll allows this thread to live. (Which I continue to be grateful for, Paul!)
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