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(Sorry for the few days absence - just busy! Thanks for the inquiries and ESPECIALLY for those that have subscribed for a year.)

Originally Posted by Creeping Incrementalism View Post

Is all your load data from you & your users, or do you have other sources? Do "official" loads from component company manuals get entered in?
Copyrighted load data (like that in manuals) should NOT be entered. When I started offering load data in 2004, I imported several free, uncopyrighted loadsets from major manufacturers. For about the last 2 years, all load data has been entered by subscribers. Now over 14,000 VENDOR-INDEPENDANT loads on the site.

Could I enter in my own data, but for my own viewing only? (Just to use for my own personal comparison to other cartridges?)
Yes, the "AmmoGuide Load Editor" lets you block and restore access for any of your loads anytime. Also, your loads, as well as those of others you "bookmark", automatically show up in your personal "Favorites" loads list. That, plus AmmoGuide's "load list filters" make load management a snap.

And since you mention comparing rounds, AmmoGuide has both VISUAL and BALLISTIC Comparison Tools. The VISUAL tool is available only to paid subscribers. But the Ballistic Comparison Tool (which allows you to compare individual loads as well as average cartridge performance) is free, here:

Are your users friendly in answering beginner questions about progressive presses and loading? All I've done is single stage loading, and only for a particular bolt action rifle, but want to try loading on a progressive for semi-autos.
The friendliest. No kidding.. As a pay site, I feel a responsibility to keep the forum comfortable for every subscriber and my subscribers help me do it. Forum rules stipulate NO DISRESPECT, no exceptions. The forum members are VERY helpful and eager to answer questions. The forum doesn't have different sections - no need - it's all about shooting. BTW, the forum can be read by anyone, feel free to check it out here:
(Just click on the "Enter as DEMO" button if you don't have an account.)

Thanks, and good luck getting the suit dismissed quickly & inexpensively.
Gratias Amigo. i think we're on pretty firm ground but one can never predict what the courts will do. Thank YOU for taking a look at AmmoGuide.

BTW - for Christmas, I gave AmmoGuide members a new installment of questions (25 at a time, 125 there now) in the Cartridge Challenge...

...It's an educational and entertaining firearms/ammo quiz packaged as a friendly competition - nothing like it anywhere else. Available to both FREE and paid members. To enjoy it...

(1) Create a free account here if you don't have one already:

(2) Login here and get started:
(Or, if already logged in, click on "Cartridge Challenge" under the "Information" menu.)

(One needs to have their own account because the score is kept in your profile.)


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