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Originally Posted by WokMaster1 View Post
Mike, not trying to rattle my wok here or trying to sound bloodthirsty but looks like you need more than membership signups to fight this lawsuit. I'm going thru one right now & will be in court come May 2008. Avg of $30-50K a month just on discoveries & depositions. I'm so looking forward to the trail date when the cost is going to double that.
My legally-burdened big brother, best of luck and everything else one needs to squeeze the truth from the trial system. In my case (hmm... first time I ever used that phrase LITERALLY), the plaintiff doesn't have standing to file most of the causes of action (one must be a government entity to sue for those) and the ones that are left are 100% groundless. If there ever was a case designed to be dispensed with in pre-trial motions, this would seem to be it. There's more reason to be hopeful that this will not get to trial, but I'd rather not go into detail.

This is why I'm not sounding more of an alarm. Indeed, the kind of situation you describe is the kind of situation this person hoped to create for us. It's still a very stressful situation as it is. We're actually 3 weeks into it - until we spoke to some attorneys, we were expecting near financial ruin. Still could happen, and you'll probably hear me screaming as I go swirling down the drain, but the assigned judge is supposed to be no-nonsense, which we are counting on. It should be pretty easy to make the case that this person is trying to abuse the court system just as he abused the local governmental processes and resources for YEARS.

After hearing your situation, I'm somewhat embarrased to have posted a thread. Your situation sounds much more complicated. Can I offer you a FREE year subscription at AmmoGuide? (And if I can crawl out from under this, maybe more help?)

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