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Default new to precision shooting...

Hey guys, please dont flame me or anything. But I want to get a bolt action rifle than I can hit steel plates with and maybe hunting at some point when my daughter is a lil older. So far I really like the R700 from remington but what would you recomend other than that? Also, what type of ammunition would be capable of extreme long distance once my lady and I have the required skills and disapline to send a round over 500yards. It would be cool to do this at 1000 yards just for fun. I dont know why but everyone always want to shoot up to 1000 yards and so, so do I lol. I dont want to hear any none useful advice or anything. maybe funny jokes. I was wondering if a .308 or 30-06 would be good for 500yrds+ any maybe close to the 1000 yards? I dont want to waste or invest on a practice rifle and then have to upgrade to another one. I only have the luxury of purchasing one rifle and want tot learn how to shoot it well and far once I take the necassary classes. thanks
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