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More pics...


Cavemanarms, Killer24, Lil Josey, Synergy


Cavemanarms, Killer24, Josey Wales, Synergy

Another hiking pic

Lil Josey's pic of camp from his perch on the rocks.

His other pic of camp.

Father and son.

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Answer the door like I do, 1911 in a thigh holster, katana tucked in to my belt, a fine coating of baby oil and nothing else.

Very few ever return.
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What don't you people understand?
Turner's is the "Pep Boys" of gun shops.
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He wasn't banned because of affiliation, he was banned because he was a dick.
And frankly there are only two dicks allowed on CGN, ivanimal and me.
Ivan very rarely exercises his prerogative however.
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