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Originally Posted by Databyter View Post
Thanks for all you're doing with sponsorship.

I have a question since I usually buy ammo from your Company.

Will you take the time to understand the new California guidelines for online ammo sales as some Companies have, and some have not?

Specifically that only handgun ammunition should be affected and that there are clearly defined and disambiguous exemptions to the restrictions that many citizens enjoy?

I've taken the time to detail the specific exemptions within the actual law in bold here.

I like shopping at The Lucky Gunner and would like to see your fine Company not write off all Californians and all ammunition types like so many other Companies have done to the unecesary detriment of their sales figures due most likely to a lazy or ignorant interpretation by their politically baised liberal Law Firms.

There is a thread here ---> that I invite you to post on if you are able to give us the good news that you can understand and comply with the very simple and easy to document guidelines that still allow many types of ammunition to be sold to any citizen, and allow handgun ammo to be sold to the thousands of bulk customers who are already exempt and eager to give your Company cash for being an upstanding legal entity.

We were going to ship to FFL and C&R customers and still ship rifle ammo whatever that was going to be. Thankfully we don't have to worry with 962 being struck down.
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