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I just turned 18 in January so I guess I'm too old for this thread??

Well I inherited my dad's gorgeous Springfield 1911 - it's in my nightstand right underneath my teddie bear Lets see someone try to sneak into my room!!

I also have a Marlin .22 with a killer scope that my dad bought me when I was little and that I learned to shoot on. I'm kinda embarrassed of that one now..

I had a beautiful AR but just lost it the other day. I'm pretty sure I should have it replaced with a PINK AR in a couple of weeks!

On my wish list is a concealed carry gun - something really small like maybe a .380...since I'm pretty accurate under pressure I think it should be big enough!

I also want to someday get a shotgun. I loooove the benelli semi autos but I haven't had much luck shooting them. They either hurt my boobs when I have the stock up to my shoulder or they don't cycle when I hold it at my side. I might just go with a Mossberg 500 with a pistol grip & a heat shield which would look cool!! Wonder if the heat shields come in pink???

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