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A couple more items I think play into this whole scenario, my scenario anyway. I think the powers that be have been double crossed by China/Russia and some of their allies now. The new world order is not going to go down exactly like planned, but will emerge.

ZeroHedge had a piece a while back that explained it has been China shorting the paper Gold market to purchase the physical market and have it shipped East. We know Russia has been building supplies also with others not so friendly to the West. This would make sense in that the West would go along with this plan as it (Gold) is the dollars biggest fear, so yeah drive it down. It also allows China to align their reserves to a fitting status on the cheap. Even if China got caught with it's pants down short paper Gold, they always have treasuries to settle the score with. China printed $13 TRILLION they didn't have and purchased natural resources worldwide, built out infrastructure all the while the TBTF boys gave them the nod, thinking they were going to play along and let these power elite run the world.

At some point tension must have arose and China/Russia announced late last year they would do deals bypassing the dollar. China begins not purchasing treasuries in quantity. Belgium steps in for the US and purchases $50 billion in Treasuries each of the last two months...what? Belgium, yes they are now the 3rd largest foreign holder of our debt. Belgium had a negative GDP growth in 2012 and flat in 2013. I think they are ranked 24 in GDP worldwide at mere $550 billion. So this one looks rather fishy like no one is showing up to buy our debt and we will hide the purchases in B.

So did the PTB start a little sumptin in Ukraine to take the wind out of at least Russia's sails? Putin fires right back and takes Crimea. US warn China not to try the same thing in Asia just Friday.

Then last week Jamie Dimon stops a small Russian transfer illegally without State Dept. approval and Russia goes crazy. Was this the Powers that be trying to send a message to Putin? Dimon has to turn tail and complete the transfer of all hell will break lose for the US financially, like now. Putin is playing for keeps.

Now we have even more escalation against the Dollar as Russia and Iran plan a huge oil deal bypassing the dollar.

The market takes a good hit Friday....

Japan folks are loading up on Gold now. Add another to the list.

I'm sure there is many watching all these little skirmishes going down with fear she is ready to blow.
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