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Originally Posted by Ripon83 View Post
I'm curious why the 65-1 ratio on gold to silver? It's a higher then normal standard though I've not looked at any charts. I remember when silver was $5 and gold about. $325 back in the 90s. But it's been closer to 40 or 50 to one for some time?
So many are planning/selling the 1 to 9 ratio and loading up on the poor mans GOLD. I on the other hand have my WAG and have stated it here twice that 1 to 100 or more is possible if not likely. Pretty zany stuff But,

you have to ask yourself why Jamie Dimon has amassed the largest ever horde of silver? JPM makes so much money, they really don't need to dabble in physical silver do they? Maybe there is a conspiracy plan? again

Answer in my mind is a new exchange coin for the reset. The reset is going to be ugly and he wants to be at least a prince of the dark kingdom.

Gold diverges to a higher ratio in fear of deflation. Old Dent's call. I can see it, thus I save cash in equal parts as Gold bullion. The key is releasing it, be it gold or cash at the proper time when most desired and for what? They tried inflation through printing, it hasn't worked only made matters worse.

Now people love to say, oh Gold will suck in deflation, I say really? I'm here to tell you, everything will suck. Imagine no work available, no grocery stores open, 90% of all debt or as it may be money is wiped out. If you owe anything on something...and it's gone ! Repo'd

Cash will be King, Silver will be used as a temporary coinage established by a new bank (the Fed), run by JPM (they will look different so forget using old coins as they will be confiscated), Gold will be confiscated while being paid a fair current value minus their hefty skim and used as a temporary global trading currency(ratio has to be high for liquidity/expansion purposes) until a new world order system is established for buying and selling. I think this might be where through force, a mark of the beast is introduced as civil unrest begins to quell after several years maybe a decade of turmoil.

We also see China playing catch up in Gold reserve status. I think this is planned by the PTB and should be a hint.

Personally as a Christian I find Gold beautiful and indestructible, kinda like my Faith. I'm already set.....

Possession of Gold is a way to fight the evil that exist.

And for all those who think RE that is paid for is the ticket, think again, how will you pay the taxes with no job or income?

And it's gone !
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