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Originally Posted by Irock1985 View Post
I think that's being a little harsh. I for one like shooting there simply because its close to level, big rocks aren't as close(ricochet), I prefer not to drive my car up the hill if I can avoid it. Plus I usually go with a group and its easier for first time visitors (who are usually late) to find the group.

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Didn't mean to hurt your feelings! LOL! If you cannot drive up the hill, then walk!

Truth is nobody should ever shoot there, as it's too close (within 150 yards)to the road! But that is where I see huge amounts of trash too! Might be illegal dumping there as well! With the new signage nobody should shoot there (except those that cannot read or don't care).

First timers should be properly schooled in what to do and what not to do; it's your job as a responsible gun owner (and the one inviting the newbs) to teach them the proper ways.
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