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Originally Posted by baz152 View Post
Yes it will continue to drop. People are starting to get an idea that gold only holds a value because we say it does. If all hell broke loose, I would not trade a roll of T/P for a gold coin let alone a can of food. Gold is a gamble; I am sure a lot of people were wishing that they did not buy gold and rather ammo a year ago (a good example of an item which has value and a use).

Why dont you look at this killer "new" currency named bitcoin too if you like to gamble.
Agreed. Gold is not the solution. It was interesting watching people horde gold paying ridiculous prices only to then freak out as they watched the price of gold plummet. if the U.S. currency fails, we will have much larger problems. I would rather have provisions including an abundant supply of sought after ammunition.
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