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Originally Posted by DRH View Post
They say catching a falling knife is dangerous. I would just accumulate cash at this point and wait for the bottom. If China's economy struggles and/or the stock market drops we could see a gold drop still. Deflation will proceed inflation like a one, two punch.

J shot,
Try Apmex, Monarch or Gainesville. They will all be pretty close. Tulving was a great dealer at one point but now I would not trust them.
Tulving has major issues if their even in business at this point.

i have used Apmex and but shop around, they all have sales and depending what you want you can get silver for like .89c over spot. Eagles will usually be ~$3 over spot.

i have gold and silver from 99 that i didnt cash out at 1900 so im holding on. not adding to my gold at this time. i try to buy a tube of silver eagles per month. i didnt buy any silver over 30
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